Agrabarsoom is a desert world, with a few rivers, some prairie lands, and a number of oases. Mostly, though, it’s desert. There are a variety of races that have come to call this world home.

The first are the kasatha, four-armed nomads that have come to a culturally symbiotic relationship with a species of sand-dwelling worms called the purple worms. They harvest worm castings. Purple worms are so big, their castings contain mineral ores, jewel deposits, and the alchemical ingredients for black powder. They migrate around the globe following herds of these worms. They have bred their own stock of these worms called ashworms, which are far smaller than their wild cousins, but can be raised as mounts. The kasatha are also the sole source of gunpowder on this planet and, while they trade th black powder itself to anyone for the right price, they keep the best kinds of firearms for themselves. As nomads, they are sometimes raiders when the pickings are light and they are formidable foes with their ashworms and their advanced guns.

The second group are elemental kin, and they have gravitated around the world’s urban centers, intermingling with humans. The elemental kin breed true, and any children they may have with humans have a strong chance of becoming kin themselves. These are the descendants of the genies.

The sylphs, descendants of the air elementally aligned djinn, have even developed a wizarding university and monastery. It sits atop the highest peak in this world’s most prominent mountain range. The mountaintops can get frigidly cold, but are still as barren as any dessert. The famous Monastery of the Four Winds is built like a well defended castle, but instead of towers, this has wind mills. The wind mills drive all kinds of mechanical devices inside the castle, including a centralized hot air system. The Four Cardinal Directions each get a discipline of monasticism inside this center of learning. The monks of the North Winds are highly in tuned with the natural world, and have learned how to marry the arts of the druid with that of the monk. The monks of the Southern Winds have incorporated the arts of the spy and the assassin into their disciplines, sending their disciples as unarmed and hidden agents to keep an eye on the workings of the surrounding territories. The monks of the Eastern Winds have combined the arts of the wizard with unarmed combat, using magic and martial arts with equal prowess. They uncover ancient arcane secrets from all over and have an extensive library of magical techniques collected over the years. Finally, the monks of the Western Winds are married to their righteous faiths. They have found the unwavering discipline of a knight can have a good home in a monastery. They have found ways of marrying their powerful faith with their unarmed combat mastery.

Monks of the Four Winds


The oreads, descendants of the earth elementally aligned shaitans, have recognized a strong connection to the psionic energies resonant in the crystals found in the earth, and formed a psionic military academy in the same mountain range as the sylph monastery. They have developed a strong trade and cultural exchange with the dwarves nearby beneath other nearby mountains.

The undines, descendants of the powerful marids, have developed a city on top of an oasis, creating a water empire, controlling the water supply to develop serious power. They use their water for irrigation purposes, and they have an abundance of food and water in their city. They are the kasathas’ primary trade partners.

The sulis still live with the mixed tribes of their nomadic human and jann ancestors. Jann are genies that incorporate all four of the other elements, so spend most of their time on the material plane. The sulis, their more human descendants, have taken steps towards owning their places as the middlemen between the other genies. They’ve developed a form of magic, their spellcasters called sha’ir, and they get their spells by negotiating with extraplanar genie sources for them. They’ve taken on this mixture of arcane and divine spellcasting and married it with an ancient native tradition of mummifying the wealthy, powerful, and influential. They have found ways of reviving their bodies as dry liches, starting a monastery of their own of salt mummies to impose their wills on the desert around them.

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