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How the Worlds Work

The multiverse is a high fantasy space opera setting. Every star system is contained by its own giant crystal sphere, called Ptolemaic crystal spheres, as Ptolemy theorized that the heavens were separated by crystal spheres so strong as to be indestructible. In this case, inside the spheres contain what's called wildspace, and is effectively the outer space we're familiar with. Outside the spheres is what is called the Phlogiston, which is a substance like a heavy fog, bordering on water in viscosity. The phlogiston has flows and currents, and is highly flammable. It also cannot exist inside a crystal sphere. Within the substance of the spheres themselves, there are gates, holes that, while they may seem huge to any onlooker, are insignificant in size in comparison to the sphere at large. These holes, or gates, allow passage to ships trying to enter and exit any given sphere. As the spheres themselves spin and move around the systems they contain, leaving a system often means knowing exactly when to fly through any given gate at any given time.

The Known World Systems


A desert world full of magic and wonder.

Land of Legends

A world where superheroes are real, but there's nothing shiny about this world, as real superheroes have real consequences to deal with.

Pulp Metropolis

Part Sin City, part Cold War, part Hellboy, with vampire mafia and psychic secret agents, werewolf mutant scavengers. Here, the shadows are deeper than the sepia spotlights.


Super-industrialized world powers made up of dwarves and gnomes on one continent, goblinoids on another continent.  Pristine fae population on the planet, with outcast pirates in the asteroid belt, all locked in a centuries long war.

That Which Binds Them Together

Every system has a heart. A kind of spiritual force that drives it, and for most systems, it's not quite sapient, more like an emotional, instinctive undercurrent driving everything. Something the systems can do, is bestow a fragment of power upon a mortal creature, turning them into something like a white blood cell for it, a guardian of sorts. Those fragments are called HearthHammers, as they represent both the center of the civilized home, the hearth, and the center of a civilized village, the smithy. Controlled fire is the key to civilization, and every world has at its heart the sun. The hammer is a powerful tool, but it can also be a terrifying weapon, which gives its wielders the authority step in on behalf of the system.

Class: Hearth Smith


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