Baroness Marinette


Deep in the heart of the American South is a culture steeped in a mixture of mystical traditions from Europe, Africa, and the Americas, called Voodoo. For many, voodoo is just a folk religion, or a Hollywood movie prop. But for a few, voodoo is the real deal, a genuine path to power and the foundational philosophies that make up the world. Baroness Marinette is one such person, but she wasn’t always.

Born Isabelle Harper, the Baroness was raised in a home that was very traumatized by Hurricane Katrina. She lived with her mother and her grandmother, as her grandfather had died in the hurricane and her father had never really been a factor in her life. Her mother was a nurse, her grandmother ran a voodoo shop and did some fortune telling. Her grandmother was truly gifted, but used the tourist business of voodoo as a cover for her true gifts. What she never told anyone was that when Isabelle’s mother got pregnant with her, there were major complications with the pregnancy. The grandmother used voodoo to bless her mother’s pregnancy and save Isabelle. This had the side-effect of affecting Isabelle’s genetic makeup, her metabolism.
These changes made Isabelle a particularly easy person for the loa to ride, which is something her grandmother tried to protect her from infancy. But something that even her grandmother wasn’t aware of was that her metabolism was hybridized with the spiritual flesh of the loa, meaning when she was being ridden by one of them, her speed, strength, and endurance were heightened to supernatural levels. She is capable of moving at near relativistic speeds, her flesh turning so ephemeral that she runs no risk of building up too much friction or creating sonic booms. Combined with the magical powers granted by the riding loa, Isabelle is one of the most potent powered individuals on the planet. The protection that Isabelle enjoyed for most her life ended once her grandmother died. Before she did, though, she told Isabelle about some of the effects that would come with not continuing the protective rituals. She also told her where she could find all of the families books on spells, rituals, and theologies, so that she could educate herself in the family business if she so chose.

Isabelle chose to continue her learning and has since become Baroness Marinette.

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Baroness Marinette

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