The Marshal

The Marshal’s real name is Joshua Blair. He was born to a relatively wealthy Long Island family during the nineteen forties. His family was in a car accident, and he was the only survivor, barely a toddler. His extended family, however, was told that there were no survivors of the accident. He was taken by the government, to become part of a new program they were working on in fear of the war. World War II, the US government did some nasty things in private to try and save its people from a fascist world government by the Nazis. One of those things was the Manhattan Project, developed in Colorado Springs, in a secret base under a mountain.

The project was first inspired when the US government came upon a long derelict space craft in the cave systems of New Mexico at the turn of the century. While the technology was advanced, and US scientists were charged with reverse engineering it so as to develop the technologies for themselves, what was in it was rather fascinating to them. A long-dead but well-preserved alien infant, one that looked remarkably human, despite having an incredibly unique metabolism. They kept it in lock up until the 1940’s when they had vast arrays of computers help them decode the alien genome, giving them the understanding they needed to splice the alien’s DNA into other subjects. Once they got to this point, they started human trials, none of them successful, the changes required of a host body being too great and destroying it. Finally, they decided to start prepubescent trials, as they hoped the transformations brought on by puberty would help the body incorporate the alien DNA more effectively. That’s where Quinn was brought in, along with 199 other subjects.

The children were highly trained as soldiers, brainwashed to be highly subservient to their military superiors, and given intense combat, firearms, and tactical training, all the while constantly dosed with low levels of the alien DNA. As each of them started puberty, all but two of them died the same mutating, painful and horrible deaths as the adults who preceded them. Blair was one of those two survivors.

The results were astounding. Blair found he could lift tons without effort, a durability that could deflect bullets, and a reflex speed that allowed him to outpace even bullets. His sensory abilities expanded beyond belief, too, and required conditioning to endure without going insane. His eyes gained all kinds of cells that could detect radiation bands all up and down the EM spectrum, coupled with a tapetum capable of reflecting all those bands as well. They found, eventually, that there were forces that were capable of doing him harm, but his regenerative capacity nearly outstripped their abilities to damage him. They found that his eyes ability to reflect radiation coupled with his supreme muscular control gave him the ability to focus ambient infrared radiation, heat, into a beam of weaponized combustion. Finally, they found with his increased biofield, he was able to use the intensity of it to polarize gravitons in his vicinity. Among other things, that enables him to fly.

Joshua Blair was the United States of America’s first person of mass destruction. Towards the end of the war, while still a teenager, America had unveiled him to the international stage as their answer to prolonged combat. He helped take down the Third Reich, and Japan surrendered before giving America the option of aiming Blair at their own nation. The aftermath, of the war, was perhaps even more traumatic for Blair. As the years began to pass, and Blair’s world expanded to include everything the government tried to shield him from, he began to realize just how horrible the experiments it subjected him and his fellow subjects to were. He recognized the childhood forever lost to him. He realized that he had been made a soldier when he should have been “playing” soldiers. He decided to take his fate into his own hands, and realized that there was little the government could do to regain control of him should he decide to defect.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t the first one to make that decision. The other survivor of the experiments, Kevin O’Hara, rebelled against their government overlords first. He lashed out, and murdered hundreds of people when he became wise to the truth of just how much they had been used. Still possessed of a conscience, Blair stepped up and put O’Hara down. He couldn’t bring himself to kill him, though, as he realized that other boy’s mental state was just as much the government’s responsibility as his own. Instead, Blair and the government scientists reached an agreement. Instead of killing him, Blair would allow the government to detain O’Hara, and instead of coming out to the public that the government had engineered a person of mass destruction instead of discovering him, as their cover story would suggest, they would allow him to live his own life from that point forward, as an expatriated adult, a political power of his own.

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