Land of Legends

This is a world a lot like ours, but at some point in the past, humans started gaining what could be considered super-powers. Even with that in mind, it’s not a world of Saturday morning cartoons, but rather a class of real people trying to make their ways in a real world. Some of them have reached a level of celebrity, others have used secrecy to ensure their own survival and the survival of those they care about. Why is survival an issue? There are those that feel threatened by the arrival of the supers, and have responded with violence; still other threats are supers, the products of lives of oppression or violence, they have decided to use their powers to take what they want from the world around them.

There are those that have decided to step between the shadows and the rest of the world, and some of them, those with the greatest notoriety, have bound together to form the last and greatest line of defence for Earth. They are called the League of Power, and they have formed an alliance with the nations of Earth, should any be confronted with problems of a “super” nature that is beyond the local authorities’ abilities to confront or contain.

League of Power
The Marshal
Baroness Marinette
Armored Archon
Comrade Kaiju

While the League of Power represents the most powerful agents the world has to offer, there are other groups, some almost as well known, if not as influential. One of those groups is the Freedom Rangers. The Rangers are a team of three men and two women that have been chosen for their charisma and their fighting prowess, their “powers” mostly created by advanced exoskeletal suits and interlocking mechs provided for them by American and Japanese super-conglomerates. They have been created not so much to protect the public, but to fill the superhero space with celebrities that could be used to power corporate interests in the form of sponsorship and advertisement.

Freedom Rangers
Master Blaster
Crazy Laser
Cowboy Ronin

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Land of Legends

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